Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yesterday seemed like a movie.  If a movie were fantastic enough that it could imagine shutting a city down for a day.    Picture here, if you don’t believe me, which you should, because I am a terrible liar.  And the fact that it did shut down (other than Dunkin Donuts, liquor stores and bars, ‘cause we have priorities), is a testament to the character of this wonderful city.   We all were focused on getting the bastard who defiled our home.  I kept tabs on my dear friend who is a big mucky-muck with the Boston Police Department, but was going door-to-door yesterday, because we were that determined.  And the murderous loon was finally caught.  Foiled by a man who just needed some fresh air, as we all did and can now do freely.  Great job, law enforcement at all levels, and RIP Sean Collier, cut down as senselessly as Krystal Campbell, Martin Richard and Lu Lingzi.  Like your uncle, we all wish you were never born.  Also, I just love this article.


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