Saturday, June 22, 2013

People are good. Now can I have my wallet back?

I lost my wallet the other day while walking the dogs.  I realized it pretty quickly and put a hold on all of my credit cards, got a new bank card immediately and suffered no financial harm (when I checked the cards, there were no fishy charges or attempts to charge).  The conversation was pretty funny going through recent charges because she said: "Did you charge $58.72 at _____  last Friday?"  Ummm, I have no recollection of that, but I was in possession of the card, so yeah, I guess.  I need a patient personal assistant to manage my life, financial and otherwise.  Note to self: hit the lottery and make this happen.  But seriously, what a pain in the *ss.  My only current form of id  is a passport which I now realize expired 3/31/13.  So for all legal purposes, I have no valid evidence that I exist. I fully expect the $45 in cash to be gone, which is FINE, but please give me the other stuff.  Please.

My Mom says I should cancel and reissue everything, but I've been holding out because I *think* someone will come across it and return it and I am giving them the weekend to do so.  It's not like it was intentionally stolen by malevolent folks, I just managed to drop it while rooting around for cheese cubes to keep the boys behaved (I think that's what happened?  And no, the boys are only properly behaved for the 30 seconds prior to cheese giving).  And in the past day, I have had facebook friends post the status updates below, restoring my faith that if found, the majority of people if given a chance will do the right thing.

Just last week my doubting Mom herself recovered personal property from two people on her daily bike ride - she rides her Wicked Witch of the West bike along the Southwest Corridor for 3 miles a day at age 72, because she is awesome.  They had both been intentionally robbed and the stuff that mattered was strewn along Mom's bike path.  She collected it all, contacted the victims and reunited them with their belongings.  She gushed about the beauty of the thank you note from one (the other sent her flowers), but really never considered driving past the detritus and pretending she wasn't entering a crime scene.  Anyway, here are the facebook posts - people are good.

p.s. While posting these, I realized that they are both foreign.  But I believe we are just as good in Murica

High School friend:
You know you're in Switzerland when... You forget your cell in the taxi and he drives back later that night to drop it off at your house. AND in the same week when you stupidly forget you suitcase on the train and it goes all the way to the last stop without being stolen, and you pick it up in lost and found later.

Childhood babysitter:
Sooo...I was pulling in to Walpole, Walmart tonight at 11pm with my girls and my car started to smoke. I pulled over ironically in the fire lane and we all got out of the car. Thank you so much to my guardian angel Regina, a beautiful women from Cameroon, Africa who used her AAA card to call a tow truck, waited 45 minutes with us for the tow to show up, and then drove us home as the tow truck could only fit 2 of us. Regina is also celebrating her 50th birthday on Monday....silver lining...I made a new friend and am now glowing from being blessed by the kindness of another. Sadly, she thanked me for trusting her because she had not found too many Americans that were open and trusting. A win win for sure


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