Sunday, July 28, 2013


So let’s talk about an awesome day.  I started out with bringing the boys to Fenway for the first ever Dog Day at Fenway.

All things considered, they did well.  They aced the dog parade and did not over-excitedly (word?) pull to meet a new friend.  Julie reminded me that Auggie did rip apart the treat filled bag of a passer-by on the way into the park (obviously a dog lover because she found it “charming”), but once inside, they made me proud.  Auggie did jump a row to hang out with 2 goldens, but that was all good.  And the Portland Sea Dogs won 5-2 in their moment on the grand stage.   Kiu had his first day at Fenway, with the highlights being a sausage  and the “hitters”.

Then I had a two hour massage, followed by dumplings and pepperoni pizza for dinner.  If only every day could be so awesome.*

*without the hazard of becoming morbidly obese.


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