Saturday, July 13, 2013

This upsets me

I won't weigh in on the Trayvon Martin verdict, I didn't sit on the jury and can't know if the prosecution made its case (which I suspect not, given that the legal pundits on CNN and Good Morning America, from whom I got all of my information about this trial, predicted this result), but as a lawyer, I respect the process and there was capable representation for both sides.  But I will note that because it was predicted in advance that the case had failed, I take it that it failed and was not a matter of jury prejudice or racism.  Social media is blowing up with outrage, but fewer than 100 people were there for every word of testimony, and only they (6 of them being of any relevance) can explain where the prosecutorial gaps were.  Of course, I am not an African American (male), so I can't pretend to understand the helplessness that population feels with the "System".   But what made me really mad, and I feel is racist, is that Channa Lloyd, the African American intern who was a member of the Zimmerman defense team, was under the microscope the entire time, and even selected, to my knowledge and Internet skillz, the only one so selected, to be interviewed by mass media outlets.  She was one of many interns and should have been as irrelevant as the others (in my early career, I was that paper wrangling hamster), but she was taken to the woodshed for being African American and on the defense team.  She is 34, so being a 3rd year law student, this is a second career and she clearly knows what she is doing and what she wants to do.  And just because she is African American, it does not mean she cannot defend a white man in a case "against" an African American defendant.  And to say she has in any way betrayed her heritage in doing so is offensive.  Watch this video, she is poised, articulate and clearly intelligent and shame on America/the media for suggesting in any way that she is a "token":


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