Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RMV Rant

After 3+ hours at the Downtown RMV (and the Orange Line rides to and fro), I am seriously concerned about the future of the human race.  It was like that 30 Rock episode where Jon Hamm didn’t know he existed in “the bubble.”  Well, I couldn’t run back into my bubble quickly enough.  Screw reality.  I really am blessed with a circle of good, solidly competent, mostly sane and entirely hygienic friends and family, whom I didn’t appreciate as much as I should have.

Once I was called, my actual transaction took less than 1 minute because I followed the instructions, had the proper paperwork and went to the window I was directed to when my ticket number was called.  I'm not being a snob here, the RMV makes the instructions as basic as possible and has the instructions in several languages.  Even so, common sense would dictate that you cannot show up to get a license without any form of identification, and I know the kid was probably only 16, but really?  

When you enter you speak to a greeter about the nature of your business and are assigned a alphanumeric ticket depending on your need (A-driver's test, B-license plates, C-license renewal, etc.).   But when the sign and announcement says: "Ticket A-123 to window 20" and the holder of ticket A-123 goes to window 5 and then pitches a fit because window 5 can't service him, it creates a lot of unnecessary delay.  There were some poor souls who clearly just couldn't get it, but there were helpers there to expedite to ones who seemed lost, but they still managed to gum up the the process.  One woman burst into tears on 2 occasions because she thought she missed her turn because she was holding ticket A-1xx, but tickets B and C were in the 200's and 300's respectively.  It was a hot mess.

Also, there could not have been more signs saying that you could not use cell phones in that room (because too much rabble may make it harder for people to hear the announcement).  I would say that a cell phone rang about every 3 minutes and one guy had to be admonished 4 times for continuing a conversation after the guards told him to take it outside.  He said he didn;t want to miss his turn, but it never occurred to him to just hang up the phone and call the person back (and he was speaking with enough "ya dude"s and laughing that it clearly was not an emergency call).

Rant over.  And my next post will be lighter.  Maybe another travel blog.  I really am much more easy-going than this blog is making me sound.


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